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Internet entertainment is gaining popularity in China mainly for the following reasons:


    Internet entertainment is available anytime and anywhere, which enables users to choose entertainment according to their tastes instead of availability.


    Technology enables a variety of innovative entertainment formats, further expanding users’ internet entertainment options.


    Internet entertainment platforms can leverage data analytics to personalize content delivery and enhance user experience.


    Internet entertainment enjoys greater creative flexibility and provides a broader range of choices that cater to a larger user base than traditional forms of entertainment, which are more restricted in their content and forms of distribution.

Internet Video Industry in China

Rapid Growth of Internet Video Industry in China

Video is the leading online entertainment format in China. Internet video industry in China has experienced rapid growth. According to the iResearch Report, in 2016, out of total time spent by users on online entertainment in China, over 80% was spent on internet videos. According to the same report, China’s internet video users have increased from 372 million in 2012 to 545 million in 2016, and is expected to further increase to 766 million in 2022, representing 66.4%, 74.6%, and 87.0% of total internet users in China in these respective years.

The growth of internet video industry in China is driven largely by the following factors:


    Internet video platforms are increasingly functioning as key aggregators and distributors of entertainment content. Internet video platforms provide a broad range of content verticals that cater to different users, effectively competing for a greater share of users’ entertainment time. Video platforms have become increasingly engaged in various stages of content production and introduced diversified, personalized video content to cater to their large user base.



    Internet video platforms, powered by AI and big data technologies, can deliver more customized entertainment experience.


    Internet video platforms enable users to conveniently post, view and share videos, providing an interactive and engaging user community.

High-quality and Rich Content is Critical to Internet Video Platforms in China

As Chinese users become more focused on the quality and originality of video content, having a deep collection of high-quality entertainment content and possessing related intellectual property rights is critical to the success of internet video platforms in China. As a result, China’s internet video platforms focus on professionally-produced content, or PPC, to cater to viewers’ demand. Internet video platforms in China typically rely on a combination of self-production and broadcasting-right-licensing models to ensure the supply of PPC on the platforms. A professional team with expertise in systematically producing, licensing and promoting of high-quality content is essential for continued success of an internet video platform in China.

Developing various forms of entertainment content based on popular IP has also become an important trend in the internet video industry in China. Derivative forms of content based on popular IP, such as drama series, films and animation, enhance users’ entertainment experience. Users interested in one entertainment format are likely drawn to other works inspired by the same IP, enabling internet video platforms to achieve synergy among different content formats around the same IP.