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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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We are the largest internet video streaming service in China in terms of user time spent and average total MAUs in 2017, according to iResearch. We are the largest internet video streaming service in China in both mobile app and PC in terms of MAUs, average DAUs and total user time spent in December 2017, according to the iResearch Report. In December 2017, among video streaming services, we had 32.8% total time spent market share on mobile app, and 31.2% total time spent market share on PC, according to the iResearch Report. We have consistently ranked No. 1 since July 2015 in terms of combined PC and mobile video streaming total time spent market share, according to iResearch. Through our license partner, we also operate the largest smart TV video streaming service in China as measured by monthly active devices in December 2017, according to the iResearch Report.

We have a highly engaged user base. In December 2017, our users spent an average of 1.7 hours per day per user watching video content on our mobile apps. In December 2017, our iQIYI mobile app ranked No. 1 in terms of average monthly time spent per user among all internet video streaming mobile apps in China, according to iResearch. We have also successfully built iQIYI Paopao as a leading entertainment-based social media platform for fans to interact with celebrities and the entertainment community. By strengthening the connection between fans, celebrities and content, our platform enhances user engagement and stickiness.

We Produce Highly Popular, Trend-setting Original Content

Over the years, we have developed industry-leading content origination and self-production capability. We produce highly popular, trend-setting original content, which attracts a massive user base and differentiates us from competitors. In 2017, we released 5 of the top 10 original internet variety shows and 6 of the top 10 original internet drama series in China, according to the iResearch Report.

We have established a proven approach to producing original blockbuster content. We have a large pool of creative talents within our company who incubate original ideas. Our highly experienced in-house creative talents collaborate closely with IP owners, authors, screenplay writers, performers, and other partners in the content creation process. We continually release successful original titles and expand original content genres. For example, in 2017, our self-produced rap reality show, The Rap of China ( LOGO ), transformed hip-hop music from a niche entertainment format into a cultural phenomenon in China. The Rap of China ( LOGO ) has generated over 3.0 billion video views.

We Offer Premium Third-party Content and a Vast and Diversified Content Library

Equipped with strong content distribution capability, we are the go-to internet video streaming platform in China for premium content providers. Our strong partnership with premium content providers enables us to continually curate a comprehensive repertoire of blockbuster content. Our platform featured 42 out of the top 50 most popular drama series, variety show and film titles streamed on the internet in China during 2017, according to the iResearch Report. In addition to top Chinese content providers, we collaborate with leading global premium content providers, including the “Big Six” Hollywood production studios, top TV networks in the U.S. and Netflix, which further enriches our premium content offerings.

To cater to the tastes of Chinese users across their diverse spectrum, in particular the long-tail content interests of our users that individually generate lower level of video views but collectively make up significant content demand, we license content from thousands of professional content providers and have built a vast and diversified library of professionally produced content. As of December 31, 2017, our content library included over 70,000 titles of drama series, variety shows, films, kids programs, documentaries, animations, sports programs as well as other various genres of program, covering more than 30 content categories. This vast and diversified content library has helped us attract users of different ages and backgrounds and increase user engagement.