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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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We Cultivate a Vibrant Partner-generated-content System

China’s content production industry is highly fragmented. There are thousands of domestic content production houses and emerging internet content providers that lack adequate distribution channel and monetization capability. We have partnered with content providers with proven track records or great potentials and developed iQIYI partner accounts, an internet content open platform, to cultivate a vibrant partner-generated-content system. We set industry standards for new online content formats. For example, our 60-plus-minute length standard for internet films has been widely accepted by the market.

We empower content providers to efficiently distribute content to our massive users and build their own fan base. Our big data analytics tools enable content providers to reach targeted users and improve content production quality. We help content providers to monetize their content in multiple ways, such as paid video views, virtual item rewards, and advertisements, and we strengthen our partnership through revenue sharing arrangements. As a result, content providers can effectively distribute and monetize their content on our platform, and are motivated to continually create popular content for us, which further enriches our content offerings to allow us to attract more users, creating a virtuous self-reinforcing cycle. For example, in 2017, 533 internet film production houses in China distributed over 1,300 internet films on our platform.

We Capture Extensive Monetization Opportunities

We are the frontrunner in content monetization in China. Leveraging our industry-leading content creation and distribution capabilities, we have developed extensive monetization means that primarily generate revenues through membership services, online advertising and content distribution. We also generate revenues through a suite of IP-related monetization channels.

We reshaped the internet video streaming industry in China by successfully cultivating users’ willingness to pay for content. As of December 31, 2017, we had approximately 50.8 million subscribing members, representing 68.4% year-over-year growth. Our blockbuster content and innovation in operations continually enable us to expand our member base. For example, The Lost Tomb ( LOGO ), our premium original internet series, was released in June 2015. After two trial episodes, we altered the traditional weekly broadcasting schedule to release the complete season for members, which successfully attracted approximately 3.3 million new subscribing members. Our original titles have started generating meaningful revenues with efficient cost structure.

We have attracted a large base of brand advertising customers, and further expanded our online advertising customer base by rapidly ramping up our in-feed ads. Leveraging our highly popular original content, we are further improving our brand advertising pricing power and making further inroads into the traditional TV brand advertising budgets of advertisers. For example, the price for a 60-second ad spot during the season finale of The Rap of China ( LOGO ) reached a record breaking RMB45 million.

Leveraging our high-quality original content and massive user traffic, we generate revenues through a suite of IP-related monetization channels, such as content distribution, live broadcasting, online games and IP licensing. Our IP ownership of the original content gives us flexibility in derivative content adaptations. Moreover, we monetize our massive traffic by providing online games and live broadcasting services on our platform.

We Have Developed a Robust Technology Platform

We have developed a robust technology platform that powers every major aspect of our business, including content creation, production, procurement, categorization, distribution, display, intellectual property protection and monetization, as well as customer service.

For users, our proprietary visual and audio technology allows us to deliver a reliable, immersive and rewarding entertainment experience. We have developed sophisticated big data analytics capability and built a massive user and content database, which enable us to profile our users precisely and deliver accurate and personalized content recommendation.