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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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For internal business operations, our technology makes us more efficient. Our AI allows us to more accurately forecast box office and internet traffic impact of new title releases, which optimizes our selection of content and improves return on investments in content acquisition. For example, powered by deep learning algorithms, our 180-day in-advance forecast model of box office receipts for 100 films achieved a statistically significant accuracy rate of above 80%, and our 360-day and 180-day in-advance forecast models of drama series video views for 109 titles achieved statistically significant accuracy rates of above 80%. In addition, technology also plays an important role in our content creation process. We also leverage our big data technology to intelligently match suggested cast with screenplay’s character settings.

For our advertising customers and content partners, our sophisticated advertising technology tailors advertisement distribution based on user behavior and content label, resulting in higher level of engagement and return-on-investment, while maintaining user experience. Our technology is also critical to increasing return on investment for our advertising customers and content partners.

We Enjoy Significant Synergies with Baidu

We enjoy significant synergies with our parent company, Baidu. Under the master business cooperation agreement with Baidu, we carry out cooperation in many areas, including AI technology, Smart devices/DuerOS, cloud, online advertising, internet traffic, data and content. The close cooperation allows us to strengthen our respective leading positions.

Our premium and comprehensive content library has significant synergies with Baidu’s massive user traffic. Our technology team regularly engages in joint developments with Baidu on advanced AI know-how. We leverage our cooperation with Baidu to form clearer content interest graphs of our users. Our access to Baidu’s cloud IT infrastructure such as cloud computing and cloud storage on favorable terms provides us with advantages in performance and technology innovation. See “Our Relationship with Baidu” for a more detailed description of our cooperation with Baidu.

We Have a Visionary Management Team

We have a visionary management team with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success, as well as solid, diverse and complementary backgrounds. Dr. Yu Gong, our chief executive officer and founder, possesses deep entrepreneurship and extensive managerial experience. Under his leadership, iQIYI has grown to become the leader in China’s internet video industry. Dr. Gong is a successful serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in China’s internet and entertainment industries. Before founding iQIYI, Dr. Gong founded in 1999, the then largest real estate website in China, which was acquired by Sohu, a Nasdaq-listed company, in 2003. Dr. Gong continued to serve as Sohu’s chief operating officer until 2008.

Other members of our senior management team have extensive and complementary experiences in a wide range of fields, covering technology, internet, entertainment, finance and operations. Together with Dr. Gong, they have led our company to continually drive innovation and achieve market leadership in China. We are confident that our senior management will further grow our company, strengthen our iQIYI brand, and pave the way for us to achieve our mission.

Our Strategies

We intend to pursue the following strategies to further grow our business:

Enrich and Expand Our Blockbuster Content

Our content production capability is vital to the quality and popularity of our original content. Such capability includes, among others, our expertise in identifying original literary titles or scripts with the most potential, nurturing promising artistic talents and executing impactful marketing campaigns. We will leverage our deep understanding of entertainment, users and content, as well as advanced technology to systematically produce phenomenal original titles. We intend to allocate approximately 25% of the net proceeds from this offering towards original content production over the next three to five years.