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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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We intend to pursue the following initiatives to strengthen our content production capability:


    Dolphin Program—We plan to invite renowned production companies to competitively bid for roles in producing our most popular internet drama series, and our payment to such production companies will be in the form of a guaranteed fee plus revenue sharing.


    Young Tiger Program—We intend to increase our financial and platform resource support to producers, directors, screenplay writers and other artists in their entrepreneurship efforts. Through such support, we plan to foster the creation of quality content and further raise our industry profile.


    Swan Program—To alleviate the scarcity of high-quality acting talent and reduce the high cost of engaging such talent in China, we intend to systematically discover and nurture young acting talent through training camps. We also plan to promote our trainees through acting roles in popular featured programs.

Broaden Our Content Offerings to Stay Abreast of Evolving User Preferences

We intend to expand our content offerings, especially our coverage of long-tail and new media format content, and develop a diverse content universe. We intend to allocate approximately 25% of the net proceeds from this offering towards the expansion of non-original content offerings.

Among the various long-tail content verticals, we will devote more resources towards analyzing the content and entertainment consumption preferences and trends of the millennial and younger generations in China. We will remain dedicated to deploying long-tail content that is most popular among young people, such as ACGN. We plan to increase the number of iQIYI partner accounts hosted on our platform, and we will further improve their functionalities for producing, sharing and engaging with long-tail content.

We intend to dedicate more resources towards content development in new media formats, thereby driving the evolution of China’s online entertainment. We believe technological revolution will lead to the bourgeoning of new media formats, which will bring about content revolution. We will continually upgrade the technological infrastructure of our platform to support the distribution of new interactive and social content, such as live broadcasting, virtual reality and augmented reality content.

Expand Our User Base and Strengthen Our Content Distribution Capability

We intend to continue to expand our user base. We are dedicated to making our platform more attractive to the tastes of different age groups by offering, through both original content production and collaboration with third parties, a diverse selection of premium content. We intend to provide our users with superior and more personalized entertainment experience through technological innovations. We will continuously enhance the functions of iQIYI Paopao and enrich our library of online games, online literature, animations and comics. We plan to collaborate with a variety of participants in the internet industry, especially those with effective user acquisition channels.

We also intend to strengthen our content distribution capability. A large and diverse selection of premium content, coupled with augmented derivative products, will attract more users and incentivize users to stay longer on our platform. Consequently, high-quality content providers will have greater incentive to partner with us and distribute their content to our user base, which in turn attracts more users and enhances user engagement, creates a virtuous self-reinforcing loop.

Bolster Our Monetization Channels

We plan to develop diversified monetization channels based on our premium and rich content, as well as our massive user traffic.