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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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In terms of membership services, we aim to further increase our paying user conversion rate and expand our paid content system from a single membership package into a multi-layer subscription system addressing diversified demands of our members, whereby members can subscribe for various paid content verticals that meet their content consumption needs. We intend to focus on content verticals with substantial monetization potential, including education, ACGN and sports, etc.

In terms of online advertising, we will provide more innovative and integrated advertising solutions to advertisers. We intend to expand our in-feed advertising service. For brand advertising, we plan to closely collaborate with Baidu to strengthen our targeting capability to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the advertising campaigns launched on our platform. Furthermore, we plan to upgrade our advertising technology capability to drive online automated advertising service purchases by our advertising customers.

Moreover, we plan to bolster our content distribution and other monetization channels. We believe as we further expand our user base, improve our user stickiness and reinforce our entertainment ecosystem, we can achieve large-scale application of these monetization channels quickly.

Continue Our Technological Innovations

We will continue our technological innovations and utilize the power of AI and big data technologies to better serve iQIYI’s ecosystem. We intend to allocate approximately 10% of the net proceeds from this offering towards pursuing such strategy.


    Original content production: We will continue to guide our original content investment and production through enhanced multimedia, advanced content tagging and deep-learning technologies. During the content production process, we aim to collaborate with Baidu to leverage its AI technology to further improve our editing, tagging, auditing, as well as video description capabilities.


    Entertainment experience: We intend to provide enhanced entertainment experience through advanced AI technology. We plan to continue devoting resources towards development in audio, video and content delivery technologies. We will also continue to develop technologies that optimize our content display on different platforms and hardware devices.


    Content recommendation: We plan to further develop advanced AI and big data technologies to optimize our precise content recommendation capability. Through better content recommendation, we plan to stimulate users to engage with a broader range of content on our platform, thereby increasing user stickiness and retention.


    Service to advertisers and content partners: We plan to further improve our customized and scenario-based advertising technology, as well as technology for efficiently monetizing professional and user-generated content.

Our Services

We provide our users with a variety of services encompassing internet video, live broadcasting, online games, online literature, animations, e-commerce and social media platform.


We are dedicated to producing premium original video content and distributing appealing professionally-produced content or PPC, partner-generated content, or PGC and user-generated content, or UGC. We offer a diverse collection of high-quality internet video content that appeals to users from broad demographics.

As of December 31, 2017, our comprehensive video content library included over 70,000 titles of drama series, variety shows, films, kids programs, documentaries, animations, sports programs, as well as various other genres.