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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Professionally-Produced Content, or PPC

iQIYI original content

Our original content includes both content produced in-house and content produced in collaboration with quality third-party partners. As of December 31, 2017, we have released 141 titles of original internet drama series, internet movies, variety shows and other programs with over 74 billion video views.

We produce certain original content titles in-house, such as the popular variety show The Rap of China ( LOGO ). These programs are produced by iQIYI from IP incubation to distribution. See “—Case Study: The Rap of China” for details. Some other original content is produced in collaboration with partners, such as popular internet drama series The Lost Tomb ( LOGO ), The Mystic Nine ( LOGO ) and The Ferry Man ( LOGO ). iQIYI obtains the IP through production, adaptation or purchase from third party, while the partner, usually an entertainment production company, is responsible for its development and production. iQIYI maintains a high degree of control during the development and production process.

We also adapt high-quality IP into multiple entertainment products, such as online games, animations, online literature, and derivative merchandise.

Licensed content

In addition to original content, we also provide users with a curated selection of high-quality PPC from third parties. Leveraging our expertise in content selection, we have successfully debuted well-received titles such as the Descendants of the Sun ( LOGO ) and My Love from the Star ( LOGO ) in China, which were released in parallel in South Korea and became highly popular among Chinese audience.

We license video content typically at fixed rates for a specified term. The average term of licenses varies depending on the type of content, with films and drama series having an average term of six years and nine years, respectively. We generally renew our licenses when they expire. Payments of licensing fees are generally made in installments throughout the duration of the licenses. We also exchange rights to distribute licensed content with other internet video streaming services to enrich our content library. In certain cases, we have the right of first refusal to purchase new content produced by the licensor.

We leverage our content procurement team’s insights and our big data analytics capabilities, such as iQIYI Brain, to optimize content procurement. We have established strong partnerships with content providers to ensure access to high-quality content. These partners include leading domestic drama series production companies, film production companies and TV stations, “Big Six” Hollywood production studios, top TV networks in the U.S. and Netflix.

Partner-Generated Content, or PGC and User-Generated Content, or UGC

We collaborate with a large number of selected partners to supplement our video content portfolio with PGC, and incentivize them to submit high-quality content through our revenue-sharing mechanism. PGC expands our video collection to cover long-tail content and captures a broader user base. Content providers upload their videos onto their iQIYI partner accounts, a platform where content providers offer video, comics, literature, graphic and textual content. Users can subscribe for and follow their favorite iQIYI partner accounts. We have partnered with over 130,000 content providers in 2017 through iQIYI partner accounts.

We have stringent criteria for the selection of iQIYI partner accounts to ensure the quality of our video content. To apply, a registered user has to upload at least four original copyright videos, and accumulate at least 1,000 video views. Corporate applicants have to provide copies of business registration information and individual applicants have to provide copies of governmental IDs. Our operations team then evaluates the quality of uploaded videos before final approval.