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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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also leveraged our AI technology and big data analytics in the editing and post-production efforts for our original content. For example, during the show’s airing, we continuously gathered and analyzed massive amounts of data to analyze viewer preferences, which provided valuable guidance for the post-production and presentation of subsequent show episodes to our users.


We achieved success in monetizing the show through many innovative channels to maximize its economic value. The only 60-second advertisement during the finale was sold for RMB45 million, one of the most valued single advertisements in online entertainment in China. We collaborated with the rappers to embed brand advertisers’ names into rap advertisement songs, which later became one of the most searched songs on various internet music platforms. We also licensed the show’s IP for various peripheral product development, such as items sold on iQIYI Mall. McDonald’s, one of the show’s IP licensees, launched several show-related food items and opened theme restaurants in various Chinese cities. We organized tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and various other cities to further amplify the influence of the show. Building on the first season’s success, we have begun to accept reservations of advertisement and sponsorship for the second season of the show, which is expected to be aired in the summer of 2018, and has received substantial interest from advertisers.

Derivative Shows

The Rap of China ( LOGO ) also augmented our brand image as an entertainment content powerhouse. The show’s popularity among young viewers encouraged us to produce a number of derivative competition and reality shows which resonate with their preference. Hot-Blood Dance Crew ( LOGO ) further taps into our users’ passion for hip-hop culture. Idol Producer ( LOGO ), centered on competition for spots in a new pop idol group, brings fans interactions to a new level. Users can vote on the fate of each contestant in the show and influence the plot of the show. Clash Bots ( LOGO ), a soon-to-be-released show on robot battles in bullet-proof glass cages, will present the cutting-edge side of tech culture to Chinese users. These shows have already amassed significant interests from our customers to reserve advertisement and sponsorship inventory.


Technology is the bedrock of our products and services. Approximately half of our employees are engineers dedicated to technological innovation and breakthrough. We utilize AI technology to drive the entire business, including video content creation, purchase, production, tagging, distribution, monetization and customer service, to achieve automation and intelligence in the entire business process. Our advanced technologies facilitate better content production, enhanced operation efficiency and superior user experience. To maintain our industry-leading position, we have established extensive cooperation with many industry-leading research institutes.

Technologies to enhance Content Production and Operation Efficiency

We empower content production and monetization cycle by applying various technologies. Leveraging our massive user data and big data analytics, we have developed a comprehensive system for script evaluation and role selection in order to suit users’ viewing preference. Our holistic data analysis supports content investment strategy through advanced algorithms that forecast video views and film box office, which result in more monetization opportunities and higher user value. Promising monetization capabilities then encourage the generation and distribution of more high-quality content on iQIYI platform, creating a virtuous cycle.

Our technologies also enhance our efficiency. We have leveraged AI, big data, and cloud computing technologies to distribute our massive content to targeted users accurately. Our user and content tagging system precisely analyzes user profile and conduct content recommendation. We provide personalized content distribution by intelligent recommendations. We balance user experience with video monetization by utilizing personalized and automatic advertising customized to video scenarios, video-in, video-out and other ad-marketing technology. We provide timely response and feedback service through AI-based autonomous service robots and online customer service center.