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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Technologies to Enhance User Experience

Our advanced video, audio and AI technologies provide users with superior viewing experience in a cost-effective manner. We are the only internet video streaming service in China providing concurrent 4K high-definition video quality, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, Dolby Atmos audio effect and immersive experience via 360 VR for live video streaming. We provide users with clear and smooth video play through adaptive coding technology. Leveraging our big data analytics, features such as Green Lens and Watch Me Only allow users to view only the most popular segments of the video, or segments featuring particular artists. We have one of the world’s largest P2P and CDN-based HCDN (hybrid content delivery network), which seamlessly distributes and transmits massive internet video with high quality and low bandwidth cost. We apply advanced deep learning technology to areas such as advanced content tagging, user profiling, developing knowledge graph and content recommendation. Users are given recommendations based on automatic classification of their tags. Our iQIYI VR app provides an immersive viewing experience via 360 VR. QiYu 4K VR HMD is one of the first 4K mobile VR devices in the world with 3D audio.

Sales and Marketing

Advertising Sales

For brand advertising, we sell our advertising services primarily through third-party advertising agencies, including members of American Association of Advertising Agencies, or 4As, and leading Chinese advertising agencies. We primarily sell our in-feed advertising service and a portion of our brand advertising services directly to advertisers. We strategically leverage advertising agencies’ existing long-term relationships and network resources to increase our sales and expand our advertiser base. Depending on the type of advertiser and content, the duration of an advertising agreement is typically 12 months.

We have an experienced sales team consisting of salespeople with prior experience at Chinese internet companies, members of 4As and domestic advertising agencies. We divide our sales team by industry across the country to ensure the delivery of targeted advertising solutions. We provide regular training to our sales team to help them provide advertisers with comprehensive information about our services.

Brand Promotion

iQIYI’s brand values are youth, vitality and positivity. We believe that our high-quality video content and services lead to strong word-of-mouth referrals, which drives customer awareness of our brand in China. Our market position benefits significantly from our large and high-quality user base and our strong brand recognition.

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of user behavior, we employ a variety of online marketing programs and promotional activities to build our brand as part of our overall market strategy, including celebrity endorsement, hot topic dissemination through different media outlets, brand value embedment in blockbuster content, marketing alliance with Baidu, as well as resource exchange with major internet media platforms.

We host many offline activities to enhance our brand recognition. To increase members’ loyalty, we organize special events for members such as on-site visits during the show productions. We also host innovative offline marketing activities such as VR advertisement. For example, The Mystic Nine ( LOGO ) VR vehicle, which went on a 20-day tour in three Chinese cities, reached massive targeted users directly.

We also execute marketing strategies aimed at young users to enhance user affinity. We use innovative technology to communicate with the younger generation, such as using AR to enable user interaction at bus stops. We use social media platforms to facilitate user engagement, such as allowing users to vote for contestants in variety shows. We attract young users by offering artist-fans interactions opportunities. We also collaborate with major wireless carriers to provide monthly unlimited data package for using iQIYI app on mobile devices.