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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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iQIYI partner accounts enjoy a wide array of functions on our platform, such as customization of their display pages, uploading 4K videos, and enhanced user exposure through automated recommendation system. To assist our iQIYI partner accounts’ monetization efforts, we share with them marketing data, offer advertisement customization tools, and provide an expedient payment system.

Our platform also allows regular registered users to easily upload, watch and share video content generated by themselves. UGC effectively promotes our brand, diversifies content, and drives user engagement and stickiness. As of December 31, 2017, we have collected approximately 70.7 million UGC videos from approximately 7.2 million users.

Our Membership Services

Our membership services generally provide subscribing members with superior entertainment experience that is embodied in various membership privileges. Subscribing members have early access to certain drama series aired exclusively on iQIYI platform. Subscribing members also have access to over 10,000 films for free charge, including the vast majority of films released in theaters in China, internet films exclusively aired on iQIYI, as well as popular foreign films. Membership privileges generally include substantially ad-free streaming, 1080P/4K high-definition video, Dolby Audio, and accelerated downloads and others. Subscribing member privileges also include coupons and discounts on on-demand films, as well as special privilege in offline events, such as exclusive access to live concerts.

iQIYI is an industry pioneer in offering diversified membership privileges. For example, the members-first model of The Lost Tomb ( LOGO ) enabled members to gain instant access to the entire season while non-paying users could only follow weekly updates for new episodes; the viewing model of Descendants of the Sun ( LOGO ) allowed members to watch new episodes at the same time they were released overseas; and certain behind-the-scene content of The Rap of China ( LOGO ) was accessible exclusively to our members.

We primarily offer one membership package that generally grants members access through various mobile and other hardware devices. For Android users, the list price of our membership packages is RMB15 for one month, RMB45 for three months and RMB198 for twelve months. For iOS users, the list price of our membership packages is RMB19 for one month, RMB58 for three months and RMB218 for twelve months. Membership package subscriptions are automatically renewed, unless cancelled by our users. We have also started to offer membership packages for specific content genres, such as ACGN and sports. For example, we offer a membership package for premium tennis matches. For Android users, the list price is RMB27 for one month and RMB270 for twelve months. For iOS users, the list price is RMB35 for one month and RMB353 for twelve months.

Our members primarily include subscribing members and, to a lesser extent, users who gain access to our premium content library through paid video on-demand service.

Other Services

iQIYI Show

iQIYI Show is our live broadcasting service. iQIYI Show enables users to follow their favorite hosts, celebrities and shows in real time through live broadcasting. We also edit selected live broadcasting content into short-form videos to help hosts grow their fan bases. iQIYI Show has strong interactive features to enhance user interaction and engagement. For example, during the season finale of The Rap of China ( LOGO ), users could vote for their favorite contestants on iQIYI Show to influence the final results.

Online Games, Literature and Comics

We distribute online games featured in various formats, including webpage games, mobile games, and H5 games. In addition to third-party games, we have also launched a number of popular online games adapted from