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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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same-name IP content, such as literature, drama series and films. We collaborate closely with IP providers and game development and distribution partners for game distribution and operation.

Online literature and comics plays a critical role in premium IP incubation as its user base highly overlaps with that of our video content, thereby allowing us to monitor the trend of user tastes and identify the most appropriate IP for adaptation. High-quality original online literature and comics works are adapted into script for derivative entertainment products. At the same time, certain high-quality video content is also developed into online literature and comics to further drive user stickiness on our platform.

iQIYI Headlines (Na Dou)

iQIYI Headlines (Na Dou) is an AI-powered feed-based service with a focus on entertainment. It enhances user engagement by capturing users’ fragmented time with targeted content recommendation.

iQIYI Mall

iQIYI Mall is an e-commerce platform with a focus on entertainment-related merchandise, such as VR glasses. iQIYI Mall also sells other consumer products, such as electronics, apparel and accessories, beauty and skin care products.

iQIYI Paopao Social Media Platform

iQIYI Paopao is iQIYI’s entertainment-based social media platform. It connects fans with celebrities and content of their interests on a platform where fans can quickly and conveniently disseminate information in various formats. By strengthening the connection among fans, celebrities and content, the platform enhances user engagement and stickiness, and turns iQIYI Paopao into a social media platform for fans.

iQIYI Paopao features a wide range of social functions. Within each topic of interest, fans can generate content by posting texts, images and videos, as well as interact with others through features such as commenting, giving likes and private messaging. By virtue of its social media nature, iQIYI Paopao serves as the base for online and offline fans activities. Moreover, we frequently organize celebrities to interact with fans on iQIYI Paopao in real-time, to attract and retain users. iQIYI Paopao also serves as a key publicity platform for our video content. We invite popular actors of our original drama series to interact with the fans in the “Celebrity is Here” section of iQIYI Paopao to boost the content’s popularity.

Users on average launch the iQIYI app much more frequently and stay on for longer, after they start to use iQIYI Paopao. Through iQIYI Paopao, we can proactively launch marketing for upcoming shows and generate strong momentum to contribute to early success. We also obtain a large amount of user feedback data to empower enhanced user behavior analysis, better content procurement and personalized content recommendation.