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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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trade secrets which they conceive, develop or reduce to practice during the executive officer’s employment with us and to assign all right, title and interest in them to us, and assist us in obtaining and enforcing patents, copyrights and other legal rights for these inventions, designs and trade secrets.

In addition, each executive officer has agreed to be bound by non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions during the term of his or her employment and typically for one year following the last date of employment. Specifically, each executive officer has agreed not to (i) approach our suppliers, clients, direct or end customers or contacts or other persons or entities introduced to the executive officer in his or her capacity as a representative of us for the purpose of doing business with such persons or entities that will harm our business relationships with these persons or entities; (ii) assume employment with or provide services to any of our competitors, or engage, whether as principal, partner, licensor or otherwise, any of our competitors, without our express consent; or (iii) seek directly or indirectly, to solicit the services of, or hire or engage, any person who is known to be employed or engaged by us; or (iv) otherwise interfere with our business or accounts

We have also entered into indemnification agreements with each of our directors and executive officers. Under these agreements, we agree to indemnify our directors and executive officers against liabilities and expenses incurred by such persons in connection with claims made by reason of their being a director or officer of our company.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors consists of seven directors. Baidu has the right to appoint a majority of our directors as long as it holds no less than 50% of the voting power of our Company. A director is not required to hold any shares in our company by way of qualification. A director may vote with respect to any contract, proposed contract or arrangement in which he is materially interested provided (i) such director, if his interest in such contract or arrangement is material, has declared the nature of his interest at the earliest meeting of the board at which it is practicable for him to do so, either specifically or by way of a general notice and (ii) if such contract or arrangement is a transaction with a related party, such transaction has been approved by the audit committee. The directors may exercise all the powers of the company to borrow money, mortgage its undertaking, property and uncalled capital, and issue debentures or other securities whenever money is borrowed or as security for any obligation of the company or of any third party. None of our non-executive directors has a service contract with us that provides for benefits upon termination of service.

We are a “controlled company” as defined under the Nasdaq Stock Market Rules because Baidu beneficially owns more than 50% of our total voting power. For so long as we remain a controlled company under that definition, we are permitted to elect to rely, and will rely, on certain exemptions from corporate governance rules, including:


    an exemption from the rule that a majority of our board of directors must be independent directors;


    an exemption from the rule that the compensation of our chief executive officer must be determined or recommended solely by independent directors; and


    an exemption from the rule that our director nominees must be selected or recommended solely by independent directors.

We rely on the exemption available to foreign private issuers for the requirement that an audit committee be comprised of at least three members under Nasdaq Rule 5605(c)(2)(A). We are not required to and will not voluntarily meet this requirement.

As a result, you will not have the same protection afforded to shareholders of companies that are subject to these corporate governance requirements.