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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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terminals, in each case at least once during a calendar month. If a given PC device accesses the same platform through both its PC website and PC client terminal in a calendar month, such device will be counted as one MAU;


    “total user time spent,” for our iQIYI platform, refers to the cumulative amount of time our video content is played through PC, mobile and smart TV devices during a given period of time;


    “total user time spent,” for those quoted from iResearch or the iResearch Report, refers to the cumulative amount of time users spent on relevant internet platform’s websites, PC client terminals, and mobile apps during a given period of time;


    “US$,” “U.S. dollars,” “$,” and “dollars” refer to the legal currency of the United States;


    “video views” refers to the number of times a video is launched on our platform, regardless of time spent viewing the video;


    “WAP” refers to wireless application protocol; and


    “we,” “us,” “our company” and “our” refer to iQIYI, Inc., a Cayman Islands company, and its subsidiaries, and, in the context of describing our operations and combined and consolidated financial information, also include its consolidated affiliated entities in the PRC.

This prospectus contains information and statistics relating to China’s economy and the industries in which we operate derived from various publications issued by market research companies and PRC governmental entities, which have not been independently verified by us, the underwriters or any of their respective affiliates or advisers. The information in such sources may not be consistent with our internal operating data and other information compiled in or outside of China.