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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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by proxy (or, in the case of corporations, by their duly authorized representatives) at a general meeting, while a special resolution requires the affirmative vote of a majority of no less than two-thirds of the votes attached to the ordinary shares cast by those shareholders who are present in person or by proxy (or, in the case of corporations, by their duly authorized representatives) at a general meeting. Both ordinary resolutions and special resolutions may also be passed by a unanimous written resolution signed by all the shareholders of our company, as permitted by the Companies Law and our memorandum and articles of association. A special resolution will be required for important matters such as a change of name or making changes to our memorandum and articles of association.

Transfer of Ordinary Shares. Any of our shareholders may transfer all or any of his or her ordinary shares by an instrument of transfer in the usual or common form or any other form approved by our board of directors.

However, our board of directors may, in its absolute discretion, decline to register any transfer of any ordinary share which is not fully paid up or on which our company has a lien. Our board of directors may also decline to register any transfer of any ordinary share unless:


    the instrument of transfer is lodged with us, accompanied by the certificate for the ordinary shares to which it relates and such other evidence as our board of directors may reasonably require to show the right of the transferor to make the transfer;


    the instrument of transfer is in respect of only one class of shares;


    the instrument of transfer is properly stamped, if required;


    a fee of such maximum sum as the Nasdaq Global Market may determine to be payable, or such lesser sum as the board of directors may from time to time require, is paid to the Company in respect thereof; and


    in the case of a transfer to joint holders, the transfer is not to more than four joint holders.

If our directors refuse to register a transfer they are required, within three months after the date on which the instrument of transfer was lodged, to send to each of the transferor and the transferee notice of such refusal.

Liquidation. On a return of capital on winding up or otherwise (other than on conversion, redemption or purchase of ordinary shares or, on a winding up, with the sanction of a special resolution of the Company and any other sanction required by the Companies Law), assets available for distribution among the holders of ordinary shares will be distributed among the holders of the ordinary shares on a pro rata basis (subject to, on a winding up where the assets available for distribution amongst the shareholders of the Company shall be more than sufficient to repay the whole of the share capital at the commencement of the winding up, a deduction from ordinary shares in respect of which there are monies due of all monies payable to the Company for unpaid calls or otherwise). If our assets available for distribution are insufficient to repay all of the paid-up capital, the assets will be distributed so that, as nearly as may be, the losses are borne by our shareholders proportionately. We are a “limited liability” company registered under the Companies Law, and under the Companies Law, the liability of our members is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares respectively held by them. Our post-offering memorandum of association contains a declaration that the liability of our members is so limited.

Calls on Ordinary Shares and Forfeiture of Ordinary shares. Our board of directors may from time to time make calls upon shareholders for any amounts unpaid on their ordinary shares (together with any interests which may have accrued). The ordinary shares that have been called upon and remain unpaid are subject to forfeiture.

Redemption, Repurchase and Surrender of Ordinary Shares. We may issue shares on terms that such shares are subject to redemption, at our option or at the option of the holders thereof, on such terms and in such manner as may be determined, before the issue of such shares, by our board of directors or by an ordinary resolution of our shareholders. Our company may also repurchase any of our shares provided that the manner and terms of