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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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    the average weekly trading volume of our Class A ordinary shares in the form of ADSs or otherwise, on the Nasdaq Global Market, during the four calendar weeks preceding the date on which notice of the sale is filed with the SEC.

Affiliates who sell restricted securities under Rule 144 may not solicit orders or arrange for the solicitation of orders, and they are also subject to notice requirements and the availability of current public information about us.

Persons who are not our affiliates are only subject to one of these additional restrictions, the requirement of the availability of current public information about us, and this additional restriction does not apply if they have beneficially owned our restricted shares for more than one year.

Assuming there is no change to our register of members between the date of this prospectus and the expiration of the lock-up agreements (other than to give effect to this offering and the issuance to Baidu Holdings of an aggregate of 36,860,691 Class B ordinary shares pursuant to the share purchase agreement), we expect that as of the date of expiration of the lock-up agreements, 566,401,840 Class A ordinary shares and 2,876,391,396 Class B ordinary shares will be available for sale under Rule 144 by our current affiliates (subject to volume and manner of sale limitations under Rule 144) and 1,547,939,443 Class A ordinary shares will be available for sale under Rule 144 by our current non-affiliates.

Rule 701

In general, under Rule 701 of the Securities Act as currently in effect, each of our employees, consultants or advisors who purchases our ordinary shares from us in connection with a compensatory stock or option plan or other written agreement relating to compensation is eligible to resell such ordinary shares 90 days after we became a reporting company under the Exchange Act in reliance on Rule 144, but without compliance with some of the restrictions, including the holding period, contained in Rule 144.

Registration Rights

Upon completion of this offering, certain holders of our ordinary shares or their transferees will be entitled to request that we register their shares under the Securities Act, following the expiration of the lock-up agreements described above. See “Description of Share Capital—Shareholders Agreement.”