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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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FOR THE YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2015, 2016 AND 2017—continued

(Amounts in thousands of Renminbi (“RMB”) and U.S. dollars (“US$”),

except for number of shares (or ADS) and per share (or ADS) data)


Trademark License Agreement and Software Usage License Agreement

Pursuant to the trademark license agreement and the software usage license agreement amongst Beijing QIYI Century and Beijing iQIYI effective November 23, 2011, Beijing QIYI Century granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license, without sublicensing rights, to Beijing iQIYI to use its trademarks and software. Beijing iQIYI may only use the licenses in its own business operations. Beijing QIYI Century has the right to adjust the service fees at its sole discretion. The initial term of the two agreements is five years and the software usage license agreement may be extended upon the written consent of Beijing QIYI Century. The trademark license agreement is automatically extended for successive one-year periods after its expiration unless Beijing QIYI Century early terminates the agreement in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. The software usage license agreement was extended for another five years after its initial term.

Business Cooperation Agreement

Pursuant to the business cooperation agreement amongst Beijing QIYI Century and Beijing iQIYI effective November 23, 2011, Beijing iQIYI agrees to provide Beijing QIYI Century with services, including internet information services, online advertising and other services reasonably necessary within the scope of Beijing QIYI Century’s business. Beijing iQIYI agrees to use, technology services provided by Beijing QIYI Century on its website, including but not limited to, P2P download and video on-demand systems. Beijing QIYI Century agrees to pay specified service fees to Beijing iQIYI as consideration for the internet information services and other services provided by Beijing iQIYI. Beijing iQIYI has the right to waive the service fees at its discretion. The term of this agreement is ten years and can be renewed at Beijing QIYI Century’s discretion.

In the opinion of the Company’s legal counsel, (i) the ownership structure relating to the VIEs of the Company is in compliance with existing PRC laws and regulations; and (ii) the contractual arrangements with the VIEs and their shareholders are valid, binding and enforceable, and will not result in any violation of PRC laws or regulations currently in effect.

However, uncertainties in the PRC legal system could cause the Company’s current ownership structure to be found in violation of any existing and/or future PRC laws or regulations and could limit the Company’s ability to enforce its rights under these contractual arrangements. Furthermore, the VIEs’ shareholders may have interests that are different with those of the Company, which could potentially increase the risk that they would seek to act in contrary to the terms of the aforementioned agreements.

In addition, if the current structure or any of the contractual arrangements were found to be in violation of any existing or future PRC law, the Company may be subject to penalties, including but not be limited to: the cancelation or revocation of the Company’s business and operating licenses, being required to restructure the Company’s operations or discontinue the Company’s operating activities. The imposition of any of these or other penalties may result in a material and adverse effect on the Company’s ability to conduct its operations. As a result, the Company may not be able to operate or control the VIEs, which may result in deconsolidation of the VIEs.