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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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FOR THE YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2015, 2016 AND 2017—continued

(Amounts in thousands of Renminbi (“RMB”) and U.S. dollars (“US$”),

except for number of shares (or ADS) and per share (or ADS) data)


convertible preferred shares immediately after the amendment exceeds 10% from the fair value of the redeemable convertible preferred shares immediately before the amendment, the amendment is considered an extinguishment. An amendment that does not meet this criterion is a modification. When redeemable convertible preferred shares are extinguished, the difference between the fair value of the consideration transferred to the redeemable convertible preferred shareholders and the carrying amount of the redeemable convertible preferred shares (net of issuance costs) is treated as a deemed dividend to or contribution from the redeemable convertible preferred shareholders. When redeemable convertible preferred shares are modified, a new effective interest rate to equate the future contractual cash flows (redemption amount) to the carrying amount is determined and applied to accretion on a prospective basis by analogy to ASC 470-50.

Revenue recognition

The Group’s revenues are derived principally from membership services, online advertising services and content distribution. Revenue is recognized only when the price is fixed or determinable, persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, the service is performed and collectability of the related fee is reasonably assured under ASC subtopic 605-10, Revenue Recognition: Overall (“ASC 605-10”).

Membership services

The Group offers membership services which provides subscribing members access to streaming of premium content in exchange for a non-refundable upfront membership fee. Membership periods range from one month to twelve months. The receipt of membership fees is initially recorded as deferred revenue and revenue is recognized ratably over the membership period as services are rendered.

Online advertising services

The Group sells advertising services primarily to third-party advertising agencies and a small portion are sold directly to advertisers. Advertising contracts are signed to establish the price and advertising services to be provided. Pursuant to the advertising contracts, the Group provides advertisement placements on its websites in different formats, including but not limited to video, banners, links, logos, brand placement and buttons. The Group performs a credit assessment of the customer to assess the collectability of the contract price prior to entering into contracts. For contracts where the Group provides customers with a bundle of advertising services, primarily for advertisements to be displayed in different spots, placed under different forms and displayed at different times, the Group first determines whether each identified deliverable qualifies as a separate unit of accounting. For the arrangements with deliverables considered to be separate units of accounting, the Group allocates the total consideration of the arrangements based on their relative selling price, with the selling price of each deliverable determined using vendor-specific objective evidence (“VSOE”) of selling price, third-party evidence (“TPE”) of selling price, or management’s best estimate of the selling price (“BESP”), and recognizes revenue as each service deliverable is provided. The Company considers all reasonably available information in determining the BESP, including both market and entity-specific factors.

The Group provides various sales incentives to its customers, including cash incentives in the form of commissions to certain third-party advertising agencies (see “Note 2—Commissions to third-party advertising agencies”) and noncash incentives such as discounts and advertising services provided free of charge in certain bundled arrangements, which are negotiated on a contract by contract basis with customers. The Group has a