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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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the past few years. Due to the improving monetization prospects, internet video streaming platforms are generating more revenues and are competing aggressively to license popular content titles, which have in turn led to increases in licensing fees of professionally-produced content in general. As the market further grows, the expectations of copyright owners, distributors and industry participants may continue to rise, and as such they may demand higher licensing fees for professionally-produced content. Furthermore, with the expansion of our content library, we expect the costs for professionally-produced content to continue to increase. If we are unable to generate sufficient revenues to outpace the increase in market prices for professionally-produced content, we may incur more losses and our business, financial condition and results of operations may be adversely affected.

We operate in a highly competitive market and we may not be able to compete effectively.

We face significant competition in China, primarily from Tencent Video and Youku Tudou. We compete for users, usage time and advertising customers. Some of our competitors have a longer operating history and significantly greater financial resources than we do, and, in turn, may be able to attract and retain more users, usage time and advertising customers. Our competitors may compete with us in a variety of ways, including by obtaining IP rights to popular content, conducting brand promotions and other marketing activities, and making investments in and acquisitions of our business partners. In addition, certain internet video platforms may continue to derive their revenues from providing content that infringes third-party copyright and may not monitor their platforms for any such infringing content. As a result, we may be placed at a disadvantage to some of these companies that do not incur similar costs as we do with respect to content production, acquisition and monitoring. If any of our competitors achieves greater market acceptance than we do or is able to offer more attractive internet video content, our user traffic and our market share may decrease, which may result in a loss of advertising customers and members, as well as have a material and adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

We face competition from traditional media such as major TV stations, which are increasing their internet video offerings. Most large companies in China allocate, and will likely continue to allocate, a significant portion of their advertising budgets to traditional media, particularly major TV stations. We also face competition for users and user time from other internet media and entertainment services.

The continued and collaborative efforts of our senior management and key employees are crucial to our success, and our business may be harmed if we lose their services.

Our success depends on the continued and collaborative efforts of our senior management, especially our executive officers, including our founder, Dr. Yu Gong. If, however, one or more of our executives or other key personnel are unable or unwilling to continue to provide services to us, we may not be able to find suitable replacements easily or at all. Competition for management and key personnel is intense and the pool of qualified candidates is limited. We may not be able to retain the services of our executives or key personnel, or attract and retain experienced executives or key personnel in the future. If any of our executive officers or key employees joins a competitor or forms a competing business, we may lose crucial business secrets, technological know-how, advertisers and other valuable resources. Each of our executive officers and key employees has entered into an employment agreement with us, which contains non-compete provisions. However, we cannot assure you that they will abide by the employment agreements or our efforts to enforce these agreements will be effective enough to protect our interests.

Our limited operating history makes it difficult to evaluate our business and prospects.

We launched our platform and internet video streaming services in 2010 and have grown rapidly since then. We expect to continue to grow our user and customer bases and explore new market opportunities. However, due to our limited operating history, our historical growth rate may not be indicative of our future performance. We cannot assure you that our growth rate will be the same as in the past. In addition, we may in the future introduce new services or significantly expand our existing services, including those that currently are of relatively small scale or with which we have little or no prior development or operating experience. If these new or enhanced services fail to engage users and customers, our business and operating results may suffer as a result. We cannot