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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Our business, prospects and financial results may be impacted by our relationship with third-party platforms.

In addition to our iQIYI platform, we also distribute video content through third-party platforms. We generate membership service and online advertising service revenues through revenue-sharing arrangements with such third-party platforms, which include leading Internet companies in China. However, there can be no assurance that our arrangements with those platforms will be extended or renewed after their respective expiration or that we will be able to extend or renew such arrangements on terms and conditions favorable to us. In addition, if any of such third-party platforms breaches its obligations under any of the agreements entered into with us or refuses to extend or renew it when the term expires, and we cannot find suitable replacement on a timely basis, or at all, we may suffer significant loss to our user base and revenue streams we have developed therefrom, or loose the opportunity to expand our business through such platform. We may be involved with legal or other disputes with third-party platforms that may affect our relationship with such platforms or have an adverse effect on our business.

We face risks, such as unforeseen costs and potential liability in connection with content we produce, license and/or distribute through our platform.

As a producer, licensor and distributor of content, we face potential liability for negligence, copyright and trademark infringement, or other claims based on the content that we produce, license, provide and/or distribute. We also may face potential liability for content used in promoting our service, including marketing materials and features on our platform such as user reviews. We are responsible for the production costs and other expenses of our original content. We also take on risks associated with production, such as completion and key talent risk. To the extent we do not accurately anticipate costs or mitigate risks, including for content that we obtain but ultimately does not appear on our platform, or if we become liable for content we produce, license and/or distribute, our business may suffer. Litigation to defend these claims could be costly and the expenses and damages arising from any liability or unforeseen production risks could harm our results of operations. We may not be indemnified against claims or costs of these types and we may not have insurance coverage for these types of claims.

Videos and other content displayed on our platform may be found objectionable by PRC regulatory authorities and may subject us to penalties and other administrative actions.

We are subject to PRC regulations governing internet access and the distribution of videos and other forms of information over the internet. Under these regulations, internet content providers and internet publishers are prohibited from posting or displaying over the internet any content that, among other things, violates PRC laws and regulations, impairs the national dignity of China or the public interest, or is obscene, superstitious, frightening, gruesome, offensive, fraudulent or defamatory. Furthermore, as an internet video streaming platform, we are not allowed to (i) produce or disseminate programs that distort, parody or vilify classic literary works; (ii) re-edit, re-dub or re-caption the subtitles of classic literary works, radio and television programs, and network-based original audio-video programs, (iii) intercept program segments and splice them into new programs; or (iv) disseminate edited pieces of works that distort the originals. We shall strictly supervise the reprogramed videos uploaded by our users and shall not facilitate the dissemination of defective audio-video programs. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in monetary penalties, revocation of licenses to provide internet content or other licenses, suspension of the concerned platforms and reputational harm. In addition, these laws and regulations are subject to interpretation by the relevant authorities, and it may not be possible to determine in all cases the types of content that could cause us to be held liable as an internet content provider. For a detailed discussion, see “Regulation—Regulations on Internet Content Providers”, “Regulation—Regulations on Internet Audio-video Program Services” and “Regulation—Regulations on Information Security, Censorship and Privacy.”

Internet platform operators may also be held liable for the content displayed on or linked to its platform that is subject to certain restrictions. In addition to professionally produced content, we allow our users to upload professional or user-generated content, such as videos and other content formats. Although we have adopted internal procedures to monitor the content displayed on our platform, due to the significant amount of content