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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Disruption or failure of our IT systems could impair our users’ online entertainment experience and adversely affect our reputation.

Our ability to provide users with a high-quality online entertainment experience depends on the continuous and reliable operation of our IT systems. We cannot assure you that we will be able to procure sufficient bandwidth in a timely manner or on acceptable terms or at all. Failure to do so may significantly impair user experience on our platform and decrease the overall effectiveness of our platform to both users and advertisers. Disruptions, failures, unscheduled service interruptions or a decrease in connection speeds could hurt our reputation and cause our users and advertising customers to switch to our competitors’ platforms. Our IT systems and proprietary content delivery network, or CDN, are vulnerable to damage or interruption as a result of fires, floods, earthquakes, power losses, telecommunications failures, undetected errors in software, computer viruses, hacking and other attempts to harm our systems. We have experienced intermittent interruptions for up to 48 hours of viewer access to one popular drama title in the past. Our platform has also experienced general intermittent interruptions for approximately two hours in the past. These interruptions were caused by (i) overload of our servers; (ii) unexpected overflow of user traffic; (iii) service malfunction of payment gateway; and/or (iv) service malfunction of the telecommunications operators, such as power outage of internet data centers or network transmission congestion. We may continue to experience similar interruptions in the future despite our continuous efforts to improve our IT systems. Since we host our servers at third-party internet data centers, any natural disaster or unexpected closure of internet data centers operated by third-party providers may result in lengthy service interruptions.

If we experience frequent or persistent service disruptions, whether caused by failures of our own systems or those of third-party service providers, our users’ experience with us may be negatively affected, which in turn, may have a material and adverse effect on our reputation. We cannot assure you that we will be successful in minimizing the frequency or duration of service interruptions.

If the technologies we use in operating our business fails, becomes unavailable, or does not operate to meet expectations, our business and results of operation may be adversely impacted.

We utilize a combination of proprietary and third party technologies to operate our business. These include the technologies that we have developed to recommend and monetize content to our users as well as enable fast and efficient delivery of content to our users and their various internet connected devices. For example, we use our own CDN, and third-party CDN services to support our operation. To the extent internet service providers do not interconnect with the CDN services we use, or if we experience difficulties in its operation, our ability to efficiently and effectively deliver our streaming content to our users could be adversely impacted and our business and results of operation could be adversely affected. Likewise, if our recommendation and monetization technology does not enable us to predict and recommend content that our users will enjoy, our ability to attract and retain users may be adversely affected. We also utilize third party technology to help market our service, process payments, and otherwise manage the daily operations of our business. If our technology or that of third parties we utilize in our operations fails or otherwise operates improperly, our ability to operate our service, retain existing users and add new users may be impaired. Also, any harm to our users’ personal computers or other devices caused by software used in our operations could have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Any lack of requisite permits for any of our internet video and other content or any of our business may expose us to regulatory sanctions.

In 2009, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, or SARFT, released a Notice on Strengthening the Administration of Online Audio/Video Content. This notice reiterated, among other things, that all films and television shows released or published online must be in compliance with relevant regulations on the administration of radio, film and television. In other words, these films and television shows, whether produced in the PRC or overseas, must be pre-approved by SARFT, which has been replaced by GAPPRFT, and