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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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As a result, you will not have the same protection afforded to shareholders of companies that are subject to these corporate governance requirements.

Risks Related to Our Corporate Structure

If the PRC government finds that the agreements that establish the structure for operating certain of our operations in China do not comply with PRC regulations relating to the relevant industries, or if these regulations or the interpretation of existing regulations change in the future, we could be subject to severe penalties or be forced to relinquish our interests in those operations.

Foreign ownership of telecommunication businesses and certain other businesses, such as provision of internet video, online advertising and online game services, is subject to restrictions under current PRC laws and regulations. For example, foreign investors are generally not allowed to own more than 50% of the equity interests in a commercial internet content provider or other value-added telecommunication service provider (other than operating e-commerce) and the major foreign investor in a value-added telecommunication service provider in China must have experience in providing value-added telecommunications services overseas and maintain a good track record in accordance with the Guidance Catalog of Industries for Foreign Investment promulgated in 2007, as amended in 2011, 2015 and 2017, and other applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, foreign investors are prohibited from investing in companies engaged in internet video, culture and publishing business and film/drama production business. We are a Cayman Islands company and our PRC subsidiaries are considered foreign-invested enterprises. Accordingly, none of our PRC subsidiaries is eligible to operate internet video, online advertising services and other businesses which foreign-owned companies are prohibited or restricted from conducting in China. To comply with PRC laws and regulations, we conduct such business activities through our consolidated affiliated entities in China, Beijing iQIYI, Shanghai iQIYI, Shanghai Zhong Yuan, iQIYI Pictures and Beijing iQIYI Cinema, and their subsidiaries. Our wholly owned subsidiaries, Beijing QIYI Century and iQIYI New Media, have entered into contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliated entities and their respective shareholders, and such contractual arrangements enable us to exercise effective control over, receive substantially all of the economic benefits of, and have an exclusive option to purchase all or part of the equity interest and assets in our consolidated affiliated entities when and to the extent permitted by PRC law. Because of these contractual arrangements, we are the primary beneficiary of our consolidated affiliated entities in China and hence consolidate their financial results as our variable interest entities under U.S. GAAP. If the PRC government finds that our contractual arrangements do not comply with its restrictions on foreign investment in online video, online advertising and other foreign-restricted services, or if the PRC government otherwise finds that we, our consolidated affiliated entities, or any of their subsidiaries are in violation of PRC laws or regulations or lack the necessary permits or licenses to operate our business, the relevant PRC regulatory authorities, including the MIIT, the GAPPRFT, the Ministry of Culture and the MOFCOM, would have broad discretion in dealing with such violations or failures, including, without limitation:


    revoking the business licenses and/or operating licenses of such entities;


    discontinuing or placing restrictions or onerous conditions on our operation through any transactions between our PRC subsidiaries and consolidated affiliated entities;


    imposing fines, confiscating the income from our PRC subsidiaries or our consolidated affiliated entities, or imposing other requirements with which we or our consolidated affiliated entities may not be able to comply;


    requiring us to restructure our ownership structure or operations, including terminating the contractual arrangements with our consolidated affiliated entities and deregistering the equity pledges of our consolidated affiliated entities, which in turn would affect our ability to consolidate, derive economic interests from, or exert effective control over our consolidated affiliated entities; or


    restricting or prohibiting our use of the proceeds of this offering to finance our business and operations in China.