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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Corporate History

We launched under the QIYI brand in April 2010 as an internet video streaming service in China. Our holding company, Ding Xin, Inc., was incorporated in November 2009 in the Cayman Islands. Ding Xin, Inc. was subsequently renamed, Inc. in August 2010 and later iQIYI, Inc. in November 2017. QIYI was rebranded as iQIYI in November 2011.

In March 2010, we established a wholly-owned PRC subsidiary, Beijing QIYI Century Science & Technology Co., Ltd., or Beijing QIYI Century. In November 2011, we obtained control over Beijing Xinlian Xinde Advertisement Media Co., Ltd. and in May 2012 we renamed it Beijing iQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd., or Beijing iQIYI, to operate our internet video streaming services. In December 2012, Shanghai iQIYI Culture Media Co., Ltd., or Shanghai iQIYI, was established as our exclusive advertising agent. In May 2013, we acquired the online video business of PPS. We primarily provide live broadcasting service through Shanghai Zhong Yuan Network Co., Ltd., or Shanghai Zhong Yuan, the operating entity of PPS. We have control over and are the primary beneficiary of Beijing iQIYI, Shanghai iQIYI and Shanghai Zhong Yuan through a series of contractual arrangements. Beijing iQIYI and Shanghai Zhong Yuan hold our ICP licenses and other licenses and permits necessary for our business operation.

In May 2017, we established a wholly-owned Cayman Islands subsidiary, IQIYI Film Group Limited. Subsequently, we established IQIYI Film Group HK Limited in June 2017, and Beijing iQIYI New Media Science and Technology Co., Ltd., or iQIYI New Media, in July 2017. IQIYI Film Group Limited holds 100% of the equity of IQIYI Film Group HK Limited, which in turn holds 100% of equity in iQIYI New Media. iQIYI Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., or iQIYI Pictures, was established in December 2014, and Beijing iQIYI Cinema Management Co., Ltd., or Beijing iQIYI Cinema, was established in June 2017. We have control and are the primary beneficiary of iQIYI Pictures and Beijing iQIYI Cinema through a series of contractual arrangements.

Between March 2010 and September 2014, Baidu made substantial investments in our company, and we issued ordinary shares and several series of preferred shares to Baidu Holdings. In our Series F preferred shares financing, which took place in November 2014, we issued 136,749,954 Series F preferred shares to Baidu Holdings, 341,874,885 Series F preferred shares to Xiaomi Ventures Limited, or Xiaomi Ventures, and 68,374,978 Series F preferred shares to Prominent TMT Limited, an affiliate of Xiaomi Ventures. In January 2017, we raised US$1.53 billion from the issuance of convertible notes to a group of investors. These notes were converted into Series G preferred shares in October 2017, including 215,484,776 Series G-1 preferred shares issued to Baidu Holdings and another investor, as well as 798,951,243 Series G-2 preferred shares issued to other investors.