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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Baidu is the leading Chinese language internet search provider. Baidu has been our controlling shareholder since our launch in 2010, and will continue to control us after the completion of this offering. We enjoy significant business synergies with Baidu primarily in the form of complementary content offerings for users and cross-sale of each other’s services.

Historically, Baidu has provided us with technology, infrastructure and financial support. We operate our own technology, management, financial, legal and human resources functions separately from Baidu’s, and we will continue to establish support systems of our own after we become a public company. Therefore, any diminishment in the significant business synergy between Baidu and us will not by itself result in a material increase in our costs for the technology, management, human resources, and other support functions that we expect to establish and are not otherwise covered by the master business cooperation agreement. As our business continues to grow and after we become a public company, we expect to rely less on financing support from Baidu and increasingly rely on net cash provided by operating activities, financing through capital markets and commercial banks for our liquidity needs.

Master Business Cooperation Agreement

We have entered into a master business cooperation agreement with Baidu on January 19, 2018. The following is a summary of the major terms of the agreement. For the complete text of the agreement, please see the copy filed as an exhibit to the registration statement filed with the SEC of which this prospectus is a part.

Under the master business cooperation agreement, we and Baidu agree to cooperate with each other in areas including but not limited to AI technology, smart devices/DuerOS (the dialog-type AI system and open platform developed by Baidu), cloud services, online advertising, internet traffic, data and content, and to treat each other as the most preferred strategic partner in our areas of cooperation.

Specifically, (i) Baidu agrees to cooperate with us on leveraging AI technology to further improve our user experience; (ii) we and Baidu agree to share sales channel resources to promote smart devices/DuerOS and increase iQIYI’s market share in its industry; (iii) Baidu agrees to provide support for our cloud computing infrastructure and provide us with cloud computing infrastructure services on Baidu’s most favored terms; (iv) we and Baidu agree to cross sell our respective advertising services, and Baidu agrees to grant us priority to advertise on its platform; (v) we and Baidu agree to leverage our respective services to increase user traffic; and (vi) we and Baidu agree to allow our respective registered users and content providers to log onto each other’s platforms.

Under this agreement, (i) Baidu agrees not to compete with us in providing video content services that are the same as or substantially similar to our long-form video businesses (with the exception of existing business activities conducted by Baidu and its affiliates and of the business activities conducted by the entity that currently operates Baidu’s online video business), and (ii) we agree not to compete with Baidu in any business that is the same as or substantially similar to Baidu’s core businesses (with the exception of existing business activities conducted by us or our affiliates). Long-form video business means long-form video content services currently provided by iQIYI, such long-form video content includes but not limited to movies, TV series, network series, cartoons, variety shows, documentaries, etc. Whether any service is Baidu’s core business or is the same as or substantially similar to Baidu’s core business shall be determined by Baidu and us in a commercially reasonable manner.

The master business cooperation agreement will expire on the eighth anniversary of the date of execution, extendable for a term of eight years upon agreement by both parties. In the event we are no longer controlled by Baidu, either we or Baidu may terminate this agreement.