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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Key Components of Results of Operations

Total Revenues

We derive our revenues from (i) membership services, (ii) online advertising services, (iii) content distribution and (iv) others. The following table presents our revenue lines and as percentages of our total revenues for the periods presented.


     For the Year Ended December 31,  
     2015      2016      2017  
     RMB      %      RMB      %      RMB      US$      %  
     (in thousands, except for percentages)  



Membership services

     996,682        18.7        3,762,183        33.5        6,536,028        1,004,569        37.6  

Online advertising services

     3,399,935        63.9        5,650,366        50.3        8,158,924        1,254,004        46.9  

Content distribution

     387,687        7.4        500,952        4.4        1,191,816        183,179        6.9  


     534,280        10.0        1,323,906        11.8        1,491,582        229,251        8.6  

Total revenues

     5,318,584        100.0        11,237,407        100.0        17,378,350        2,671,003        100.0  

Membership services

We offer membership packages to provide our members with (i) access to our premium content, (ii) certain commercial skipping and other viewing privilege, and (iii) higher community status in our iQIYI Paopao social platform. We generate a small portion of our membership services revenue from on-demand content purchase by our users.

Online advertising services

Our advertising revenues are recognized net of advertising agency rebates. Most of advertising services are in the form of brand advertising. An increasing portion of our advertising services are in the form of in-feed advertising, which we launched in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Content distribution

We distribute video content licensed from third parties by sub-licensing such content to other third-party internet video streaming platforms, and as consideration receive either cash or the right to distribute on our platform certain licensed content from such platforms. We distribute selected original content titles outside of China and to TV stations in China.


We generate revenues from various other channels, such as live broadcasting, online games and IP licensing. We generate revenues from online games primarily by distributing third-party online games and sharing revenues with them. We generate revenues from live broadcasting through the sale and consumption of virtual items purchased by viewers of our live broadcasting shows. We generate revenues from IP licensing by licensing third parties to develop related merchandise based on our IP and by licensing to third parties our popular trademarks for use in their products. In addition, we also generate revenues from online literature and e-commerce.

Operating Costs and Expenses

Our operating costs and expenses consist of (i) cost of revenues, (ii) selling, general and administrative expenses and (iii) research and development expenses.