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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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Our Competitive Strengths

We believe our success to date is primarily attributable to the following key competitive strengths:


    we have a massive and highly engaged user base;


    we produce highly popular, trend-setting original content;


    we offer premium third-party content and a vast and diversified content library;


    we cultivate a vibrant partner-generated-content system;


    we capture extensive monetization opportunities;


    we have developed a robust technology platform;


    we enjoy significant synergies with Baidu; and


    we have a visionary management team.

Our Strategies

We intend to pursue the following strategies to further grow our business:


    enrich and expand our blockbuster content;


    broaden our content offerings to stay abreast of evolving user preferences;


    expand our user base and strengthen our content distribution capability;


    bolster our monetization channels; and


    continue our technological innovations.

Our Challenges

We face risks and uncertainties in realizing our business objectives and executing our strategies, including those relating to:


    net losses incurred since our inception and possible continued losses in the future;


    anticipating user preferences and providing high-quality content, especially popular original content in a cost-effective manner;


    procuring content from content providers upon terms acceptable to us;


    retaining members and attracting new members;


    retaining existing and attracting new advertising customers;


    obtaining sufficient capital to fund our operations, content acquisitions and technology investments;


    increase in market price of professionally-produced content;


    maintaining and enhancing our brand;


    the continued and collaborative efforts of our senior management and key employees; and


    our limited operating history.