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IQIYI, INC. filed this Form 424B4 on 03/29/2018
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not readily apparent from other sources. Since our financial reporting process inherently relies on the use of estimates and assumptions, our actual results could differ from what we expect. This is especially true with some accounting policies that require higher degrees of judgment than others in their application.

The selection of critical accounting policies, the judgments and other uncertainties affecting application of those policies and the sensitivity of reported results to changes in conditions and assumptions are factors that should be considered when reviewing our financial statements. For further information on our significant accounting policies, see Note 2 to our consolidated financial statements. We believe the following accounting policies involve the most significant judgments and estimates used in the preparation of our financial statements.

Consolidation of Affiliated Entities

In order to comply with PRC laws and regulations limiting foreign ownership of or imposing conditions on value-added telecommunication services, internet, value-added telecommunication-based online advertising, online audio and video services and mobile application distribution businesses, we operate our internet platform and conduct our value-added telecommunication-based online advertising, online audio and video services and mobile application distribution businesses through our affiliated entities in China by means of contractual arrangements. We have entered into certain exclusive agreements with the affiliated entities through our subsidiaries, which obligate them to absorb a majority of the risk of loss and receive a majority of the residual returns from the affiliated entities’ activities. In addition, we have entered into certain agreements with the affiliated entities and the nominee shareholders of affiliated entities, which enable us to direct the activities that most significantly affect the economic performance of the affiliated entities. Based on these contractual arrangements, we consolidate the affiliated entities as required by SEC Regulation SX-3A-02 and ASC topic 810, Consolidation, because we hold all the variable interests of the affiliated entities and are the primary beneficiary of the affiliated entities. We will reconsider the initial determination of whether a legal entity is a consolidated affiliated entity upon certain events listed in ASC 810-10-35-4 occurred. We will also continuously reconsider whether we are the primary beneficiary of our affiliated entities as facts and circumstances change. See “Risk Factors—Risks Related to Our Corporate Structure.”

Revenue recognition

Our revenues are derived principally from membership services, online advertising services, and content distribution. Revenue is recognized only when the price is fixed or determinable, persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, the service is performed and collectability of the related fee is reasonably assured under ASC subtopic 605-10, Revenue Recognition: Overall, or ASC 605-10.

Membership services

We offer membership services which provide subscribing members access to streaming of premium content in exchange for a non-refundable upfront membership fee. Membership periods range from one month to twelve months. The receipt of membership fees is initially recorded as deferred revenue and we recognize revenue ratably over the membership period as services are rendered.

Online advertising services

We sell advertising services primarily to third-party advertising agencies and a small portion are sold directly to advertisers. Advertising contracts are signed to establish the price and advertising services to be provided. Pursuant to the advertising contracts, we provide advertisement placements on its web pages in different formats, including but not limited to video, banners, links, logos, brand placement and buttons. We perform a credit assessment of the customer to assess the collectability of the contract price prior to entering into contracts. For contracts where we provide customers with a bundle of advertising services, primarily for