IP Protection

Notice to Right Holders

iQIYI Inc. (“iQIYI”) is committed to the protection of intellectual property rights and other user rights while providing users with a high-quality video experience. We establish various channels for copyright protection. However,we are unable to screen the rights information involved or contained in all of the content uploaded by our users. We encourage our users to report pirated content, and our copyright protection team promptly removes any suspected infringing content once we receive proper notification from the legitimate copyright owner.

If you believe audio or video content on the iQIYI platform infringes upon your legal rights, we ask that you please notify us by submitting the materials as stipulated on our website (www.iqiyi.com). After review and verification, and in accordance with the relevant laws, iQIYI will remove the infringing content based on the materials provided by the copyright holder.

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